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A journey through innovation, growth, and excellence.
Numeric Computer Systems

NCS Corporate History

From pioneering the first On-line Route Accounting System to introducing cutting-edge cloud solutions, our timeline is a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and our clients' success.
Founded as
Numeric Data Systems, Inc.
Marks the beginning of our journey, setting the foundation for innovation and service in the tech industry.
Introduced ORA, the first On-line Route Accounting System
Pioneering the future of digital accounting, revolutionizing how businesses manage finances.
Changed name to
Numeric Consultants, Inc.
A new name for a new era of expanded expertise and broader service offerings.
Introduced the first mobile handheld management system in the Dairy Industry
Leading the way in mobile solutions, transforming dairy operations with unparalleled efficiency.
Introduced uRMS, the first Unix based in-house Route Management System
Breaking new ground with Unix, enhancing route management with robust and reliable technology.
Changed name to
Numeric Computer Systems, Inc.
Reflecting our growth and evolution, ready to tackle the challenges of a digital future.
Introduced RMS, the first relational database Route Management System
Revolutionizing data management, offering unprecedented control and insight into route operations.
Introduced HMS, the first open architecture mobile handheld management
Innovating mobile management, setting new standards in flexibility and integration.
Opened Numeric Computer Systems, Inc. of Puerto Rico
Expanding our reach, bringing our expertise to new markets and communities.
Purchased PDT Mobile and formed Numeric Computer Systems of Australia
Growing globally, strengthening our presence and service capabilities across continents.
Purchased Resource Technologies
Enhancing our portfolio, leveraging new technologies to serve our clients better.
Merged with Comstar Computer Corporation
Joining forces, multiplying our strengths to deliver superior tech solutions.
Introduced eRMS, the first web-enabled Route Management System
Leading the digital transformation, offering unparalleled access and control over route management.
Introduced xMobility, the first .NET based mobile solution for DSD
Pioneering mobile innovation, setting the stage for a new era of delivery service solutions.
Opened Numeric Computer Systems Inc. of Indonesia
Further expanding our global footprint, extending our innovative solutions to the Asian market.
Opened Xpedium, a division expressly focused on delivering mobile solutions
Specializing in mobility, dedicated to driving the future of mobile tech solutions.
Added GPS Tracking to all mobile solutions
Enhancing visibility and control, revolutionizing how mobile operations are managed and optimized.
Expanded Service area to include CET Time Zone
Broadening our horizon, ensuring our solutions are accessible across time zones and territories.
Introduced SaaS based offerings for full product line
Embracing the cloud, offering scalable, efficient, and flexible software solutions as a service.
Introduced xLink Middleware to connect disparate Host and Mobile Systems
Bridging gaps, facilitating seamless integration between various systems and platforms.
Introduced xMobility to automate the Mobile worker functions of Sales, Delivery, and Merchandising with a MEAP Architecture for Android
Transforming mobile work, automating processes to enhance efficiency and productivity.
Introduced xMobility for iOS.
Expanding our ecosystem, bringing our advanced mobile solutions to a wider audience.
Introduced xRMS, the next generation Order to Cash Back office solution optimized for the cloud
Setting new benchmarks, offering cutting-edge back office solutions optimized for modern businesses.
Introduced xRMS Financial and Manufacturing to complete ERP Suite for the cloud
Completing the circle, delivering a comprehensive ERP suite that meets all business needs in the cloud era.
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