Direct Store Delivery

In today's world of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), superior customer service and efficient distribution are paramount.

Unique Distribution Requirements

NCS’s Direct Store Delivery Software (DSD Software) offers significant advantages over generic enterprise resource planning processes (ERP), with specialized route accounting software tailored to FMCG clients.
  • Easily handle changes to Pre-Orders on delivery
  • Accept returns, whether good or not good for stock
  • Accept payments on delivery
  • Track containers left and returned from stores
  • Peddle selling off the truck without a pre-order
  • Par value selling to stock levels for stores
  • Route unloads
  • Truck-level inventory control
  • Driver route settlement
  • And more!

key features

Our DSD Software serves as the backbone for a suite of route accounting software applications, including:
Order Management
Pricing & Promotions
Route Scheduling
Route Balancing
Route Settlement
Accounts Receivable
Finished Goods Inventory
Warehouse Picking
Recipe Formulas
Production Scheduling
Raw Material Inventory
Accounts Payable
General Ledger
Sales Reporting
Scan Based Trading

And More!

DSD Software

Empowering your operations

Operational Efficiency
Operational Efficiency
Our DSD Software reduces operational costs by measuring, capturing, and applying key metrics across the global enterprise. Developed with over 50 years of experience in facilitating industry global best practices, we focus on expertise and inventive methods to create solutions tailored to every step of your business process.
Convenience and Efficiency
Convenience and Efficiency
Our DSD software offers a convenient and fast-paced tool for every business operator to carry out their selling and delivery processes.
Customization and Integration
Customization and Integration
The services-oriented architecture and advanced User Interface enable efficient system configuration based on your specific environment. Respond quickly to evolving customer requirements and seamlessly integrate with other systems. The DSD Software can function as a standalone ERP solution or integrate seamlessly with existing ERP, Accounting, and other operational systems.
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Optimize your delivery costs with DSD Software

Inventory Management
Process Manufacturing
Financial Accounting
Flexible Deployment
Live Tracking
Customized Onboarding
Delivery Analytics
Intuitive Interface
Back-Office DSD Distribution
Xpedium Application Dashboard