Direct Store Delivery Software

NCS provides a complete solution platform for the DSD FMCG Company, a true one stop solution for the DSD Enterprise.

The total solution includes an end-to end ERP Solution for the DSD Enterprise office and plant operations as well as a Mobility Solution for the mobile workers.

The solution includes all of the back-office DSD distribution, Inventory, Warehouse Production and Financial Systems and the Mobile Applications for Sales, Delivery, Merchandising and Picking.

The back office ERP for DSD software is built for the cloud, and also available on-premise and may be consumed on any device as it is browser independent and responsive. The DSD Software is a stateless MVC Architecture providing scalability to address the needs of FMCG Companies regardless of their size from small niche distributors to multinational enterprises.

The interoperability allows seamless integration to any installed ERP solution or point solution.

The Mobility Applications of the DSD Software is based on an advanced MEAP Architecture allowing the application to be tailored to all mobile workers.

The applications are available on rugged and consumer Android and iOS devices and are responsive to all the form factors: phone or tablet.

The xLink Middleware that handles all the communications, data exchanges, and software distribution, etc. may be integrated to any ERP solution if the enterprise is not using the NCS DSD back-office Software.

All NCS DSD Software are pre-configured for fast easy deployment in a SaaS or On Premise environment. While the DSD Software comes Ready-to-Work is also affords the enterprise significant options to tailor the solution for its specific needs using its built-in configurator.