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Everything you need to know about trucking software


According to research, the size of the truckload industry’s market is more than $193 billion,



According to research, the size of the truckload industry’s market is more than $193 billion, with almost 616,700 enterprises in the United States offering transportation services. Trucks carry about 11.84 billion tonnes of cargo each year. Nearly 12 million people are employed in trucking-related activities with 72.5 percent of total freight in the United States.


All these statistics explained that trucking is the most common means of transport with a huge and complex system involving multiple operations. In this article, we will discuss how to use software products in trucking management which will help to optimize the main processes.


What is trucking software and how does it work?

Trucking software is one type of transportation management software. It helps in managing the trucking companies in their regular operations. These kinds of software are designed specifically for carriers, but they are also used for other purposes such as the freight hauling process.


The purpose of trucking software is to decrease the need for manual intervention, optimize operations, integrate data, and reduce human errors. If you want to run a trucking business following are the processes involves:


  • Dispatching
  • Accounting
  • Routing
  • Fuel management
  • Safety and maintenance management


Dispatch process:

About 84 percent of customers are unwilling to go back to the brand after only one bad delivery experience. The job of dispatching is one of the finest jobs in which the dispatcher needs to learn that delivery must go smoothly.


The dispatch process is the basis of the trucking business as they are involved in managing freight movement, organizing loads, clients, trucks, and drivers in one schedule.


How to do accounting in trucking:

Every business must have to manage its finances. There are some popular software accounting products such as Quickbooks, Xero, and Freshbooks. Most people use one of those for their business.


How to manage fuel?

If we talk about fuel management, it involves in consumption and costs of fuel. Fuel management can lower the costs by analyzing fuel consumption and applying energy-saving methods.


Software systems that monitor a driver’s behavior and vehicle condition can help with fuel management. To avoid difficulties that might affect fuel consumption, design the most fuel-efficient routes and schedule preventive maintenance.


Bottom lines:

As there are so many options available in the market, it is very hard to find the best software. There is no one-size-fits-all solution and aside from pricing, other several factors must be considered.


You must focus on the essential functions. Different companies have different issues, requirements, and goals. Create a list of everything you wish to automate, optimize, and/or monitor.

19 May 2022
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