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Features Of A Route Accounting Software For Distributors

Route accounting software for distributors is a useful solution for direct retail delivery distribution organizations. Sales from the truck,


Route accounting software for distributors is a useful solution for direct retail delivery distribution organizations. Sales from the truck, consignment, par level sales, DEX, and scan-based trade are all supported by the DSD route accounting software. It was created with the goal of eliminating inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the invoicing process. As a result, with a system like this, every distributor should expect a rise in sales, a decrease in expenses, and an overall gain in gross profit.


Let’s take a look at its features:



The DSD route accounting system includes a number of tools for rapidly and effectively creating invoices from the field. An invoice form is available to the driver, which includes client purchase history, pricing history, and average weekly sales. The driver can also use a search feature, scan the item barcode, or use a graphic-rich catalog to add items to the invoice.



Credits, like invoices, are an important part of the DSD Route Accounting Software. Since credits boost stocks when they post into the accounting system, most accounting methods fail to manage credits appropriately. Credits may be either beneficial or terrible. Positive credits are returned to the warehouse and added to inventory, whilst poor credits are thrown away and have no impact on inventory. Despite the fact that dumps have no impact on inventories, distribution businesses must be able to trace the cost of discarded products for tax purposes. The route accounting software allows you to determine whether the item you’re picking up has good or negative credit when providing credit.



The DSD route accounting software allows you to track truck inventory from the start to the finish of the day. By placing a load order for a future pick-up day, drivers can load the truck. When the time comes, the driver can return to their handheld and accept the awaiting load. This load acceptance method will boost truck inventory while decreasing the main warehouse inventory. Apart from that, the driver or warehouse manager can directly transfer merchandise to the driver’s mobile device.



Municipalities have been clamping down on distributors who do not trace the whereabouts of their products when it comes to quality control. The supplier must be able to locate the receiver of an item with a certain product code or expiry code in the event of a recall. You can trace items from the factory all the way to the POS system with DSD route accounting software. Do analysis in two clicks to identify and notify any impacted consumers in the event of a recall or governmental audit.


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16 May 2022
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