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Improve Customer Satisfaction with Direct Store Delivery Software

Did you know humans make 3-6 errors in an hour, regardless of activity or task?


Deliveries are accountable for your revenues,


Did you know humans make 3-6 errors in an hour, regardless of activity or task?


Deliveries are accountable for your revenues, and warehouses are one of your largest investment expenses. According to statistics, even little day-to-day errors, or functioning at less than 100% efficiency, eats away at your cash stream.


Don’t rely on luck to make money. With DSD software’s trustworthy automation, you can be sure you’re getting the most return on your investment.


How DSD software contributes to sales growth


The more a company relies on manual data, the more opportunities for human mistakes arise, more costs, misplaced merchandise, and revenue loss due to poor time management. In addition, if you don’t use DSD software to define long-term goals that you can build on across your sales channels, you’re wasting money as a wholesale distributor.


You have no way of knowing how to scale goals or where the efficiency benchmark is unless you have systematic tracking and data to support your distribution process. We aim to help you develop a streamlined procedure that your clients can trust based on route optimization and real-time GPS delivery tracking.


You’ll feel safe in your supply chain knowing that automation has cut expenses and that you can have an overhead picture of your operations at any moment.


Benefits of DSD Software


Learn how direct store delivery (DSD) software helps automate every stage of your wholesale B2B sales process, reducing the risk of human mistakes and revenue loss.


Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)


DSD software is very beneficial to businesses that deal with fast-moving consumer goods. Time is of the essence for such companies, and all efforts must be made to reduce delivery times. DSD software can also assist in streamlining fleet management and reducing supply chain complexity. In addition, DSD software will be extremely advantageous to vendors who must acquire inventory from numerous producers and deliver it to multiple clients.


DSD software will benefit retailers because it will reduce the number of instances of depleted inventory levels. Retailers’ inventory is frequently refilled daily, necessitating implementing a viable software solution to manage fluctuating inventory properly.


Simplified order entry


DSD software helps delivery employees perform better since it allows them to track their delivery timings and stay on track with the delivery schedule. It also makes their job easier because loading and unloading require a barcode scan, which automatically updates inventory in the ERP. Because the business may have to take numerous orders in one day, order entry might be time-consuming, so optimizing this process is required. In addition, manual entries into the accounting system are needed without using automated DSD software, which increases the risk of human error. DSD software can help you automate this time-consuming task.


DSD software also connects smoothly with the organization’s other systems, enabling real-time updates and remote access. Your company will be able to better coordinate and collaborate due to increased connectivity across the board.


Stay updated on stock levels


Direct Store Delivery software solutions can help organizations improve their supply chain capabilities in a variety of ways. Companies dealing with a fast-moving supply chain sometimes have many outstanding shipments at the end of the day, which disrupts their daily operations. DSD software can assist in resolving this issue. Suppliers can now easily and quickly track inventory levels and make speedy delivery when stock levels fall below crucial thresholds. The DSD app can allow delivery workers to make real-time inventory changes even remotely by interacting with your inventory database.


Contact us for the best direct store delivery software to optimize the supply chain and cut delivery times.

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15 September 2021
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