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Top 2 Processed Cheese Manufacturers

Prepared cheese, cheese product, plastic cheese, and cheese singles are all terms for processed cheese. It is the most well-known product of processed cheese producers.


Prepared cheese, cheese product, plastic cheese, and cheese singles are all terms for processed cheese. It is the most well-known product of processed cheese producers. It’s a portion of food produced with emulsifiers and cheese and other unfermented dairy components.


Other components might include vegetable oils, salt, food coloring, or sugar. Processed cheese now comes in a wide range of tastes, colors, and textures. Traditional cheese often takes approximately 50-60% of processed cheese. If you operate a cheese business and are seeking cheese suppliers, the top two firms to contact are listed below.


Cady Cheese Factory


Cady’s processed cheese is an excellent example of handcrafted cuisine. The cheese is manufactured by hand, ensuring that the end-user receives the proper nutrients and quality.


The Cady Cheese Factory is an example of a tiny business that overcame difficulty and continued to make cheese, which it does today. The Cady Cheese Factory is located in Cady Township, which had just 158 acres of wheat, 99 acres of oats, and 51 acres of maize in 1876. The population of the town was 329, and there was no dairy facility of any type. Lumber milling was the most frequent sort of business. Because of the timber clearance, a large area of land became accessible for various uses. Farmers utilized the area well.



By 1908, Swiss immigrant Fred Bohren had been employed as a cheese maker. He began by producing German Brick Cheese. In the beginning, farmers delivered their own milk to the cheese plant, and they took turns delivering the finished cheese to Menomonie or Spring Valley for distribution. The cheese manufacturer finally bought the factory from the cooperative. The Cady Cheese Factory is known for its Colby longhorn cheese. It also produces Cheddar longhorn, Monterey Jack, and Gold’n Jack, which is a mix of Colby and Monterey Jack.


First Choice Ingredients


Jim Pekar founded First Choice Ingredients in 1994, and the company is based in the United States. Their goal is to develop exceptional dairy tastes by attempting to patent a process that will have an influence on the finished product.


The dream began in April 1994, when a young Jim Pekar decided to put his money where his mouth was. Jim wanted to leverage his five years of expertise in the ingredient sector to build a unique taste firmly. As a former Iowa Hawkeye defensive lineman, Jim was known for his determination and ability to lead. As a result, he quickly put his skills to use and began putting together a specialist team.


First Choice Ingredients came out of the attic of his South Milwaukee, Wisconsin house, thanks to the group’s hard work and focus on product purity. Their main objective is to generate outstanding dairy tastes utilizing a proprietary technology that will actually matter in your final product. From fermentation to culture technologies, the First Choice Ingredients team provides decades of experience and an uncompromising can-do mentality. The headquarters of First Choice Ingredients are in Germantown, Wisconsin, in the heart of the dairy country.


Choose from the top 2 suppliers to get the products, use our Cheese Manufacturing Software, and grow your business.


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