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How Can DSD Software Improves The Sale Of Your Food Business

DSD, or Direct Store Delivery, has a lot of advantages for everyone in the fragile food market. Did you know that in the grocery channel,


DSD, or Direct Store Delivery, has a lot of advantages for everyone in the fragile food market. Did you know that in the grocery channel, DSD accounts for 24% of unit sales and 52% of retail profits? Implementing DSD software is the best approach to increase revenue. Manufacturers and distributors benefit greatly from DSD, which extends all the way to the final customer. DSD software will provide your company with new capabilities, such as transparent inventory management, smarter workflow alternatives, and increased efficiency.



1.  Reduced labor costs



According to the Grocery Manufacturers Association, direct retail delivery accounts for up to 25% of in-store labor. DSD is beneficial not just to retailers but also to suppliers. What is the reason behind this? A DSD software shelf management system is what you need when a grocer or store faces issues with product turnover or is highly stocked with commodities that have a short shelf life. By giving advanced workflow choices at the shelf, NCS DSD software is designed to optimize the profitability of your route sales. Having control over high-turnover items necessitates additional handling.



2)  Improved inventory management


DSD takes inventory management to a whole new level. Our DSD software can be configured to handle everything from routine loading to complicated multi-day, multi-location, and targeted inventory picking – without compromising your business. You can even automate pick list changes that correspond to your customers’ daily schedules. The best thing is that DSD provides better inventory visibility on routes in real-time. A bigger volume of items can be sold when shelves are loaded and neatly maintained.




3) Improved accounting system



Your budget process can be completely controlled using DSD software. You can also provide automatic payment collection using mobile route accounting software. As a result, cash flow is enhanced since payments may very well be collected in the field. Improved accounting systems will also aid in the reduction of invoicing difficulties that impact the whole supply chain. Finance time and audit charges can be reduced if management has better insight across all sales processes.




4) Better control of increasing demands



When it comes to inventory management, it is critical to understand consumer demand. DSD software helps you track client needs and product sales by combining strong forecasting with real-time market circumstances. What’s the end result? Ordering and inventory management that works. You may make permanent, temporary, and recommended orders for each customer using a single-screen, multi-day ordering platform. This is ideal for promotional and festive orders, as well as for reducing returns and out-of-stocks.




We hope that the above mentioned advantages have given you a clear idea of how important DSD software is to improve sales. So, if you are looking to get one for your business, contact NCS.


28 February 2022
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