Robert Hochberg - President / CEO

Robert J Hochberg was named CEO of Numeric Computer Systems, Inc. (NCS) in November 1994 and overseas NCS’ global business. Mr. Hochberg brings more than 30 years of senior-level experience in the technology fields to his role. 

Donna Kauffmann - VP Client Services

Donna Tedesco Kauffmann is responsible for the NCS Field Consultants, the Help Desk, and Customer Service. 

Allen Dickason - Executive VP for Strategy and Business Development

Allen Dickason is responsible for NCS’s business strategy and direction as well as business development. 

Mark Hochberg - Executive VP for Operations / COO

Mark Hochberg is responsible for NCS’ technology operations and product development. 

Wayne Hochberg - Executive VP / CFO

Wayne Hochberg is responsible for NCS’s sales activities as well as financial operations. Mr. Hochberg, who started working at Numeric Computer Systems in 1973, assumed his current responsibilities in 2003. 

Andrew Dove - Managing Director of Asia Pacific

Andrew Dove is responsible for all aspects of the NCS business in the Asia Pacific region. 

Pedro Toro - Managing Director of Latin America, South America and Caribbean

Pedro Toro joined NCS in July 1999 and oversees NCS’ business development for the Latin America and Caribbean Regions. Mr. Toro brings 25 years of experience in IT Management, Systems Development & Design in the Food, Beverage, Liquors, Restaurant, and Manufacturing environments.